Leslee Dennis


“Leslee is a wonderful, caring and most of all smart teacher. I have recommended many actors to her and have seen how much they grow from working with her. She has a very practical and creative approach to teaching as well as wonderful instincts. She knows just how much to push and when.”

Susan Bluestein
Casting Director of NCIS, NCIS L.A.

Leslee teaches the BEST classes ever! She is compassionate & understanding. She has an understanding of actors that only a casting director of her caliber could have. As a manager I value her as a mentor for all of my clients. She has become a dear friend as well!”

Golan/Blumberg Management

“Leslee is by far one of the most knowledgeable people in this business. Her approach to acting and her ability to take me to new heights with my work is fantastic. She calls it like she sees it and encourages me to take risks. My acting has greatly improved in her class and I’m excited to learn something new every week. She takes the time to better your strengths and strengthen your flaws. Not to mention she’s just an amazing person; kind, vivacious, funny, spirited and thought-provoking!testimonial_mckennajones
“I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to study with Leslee Dennis. I’ve studied with a lot of teachers in the past, but I can honestly say that she is by far the most helpful. She continues to push me beyond my limits and challenge me, which I think is essential in a good teacher. Her constructive criticism has helped me grow tremendously as an actor and strengthened my craft profusely. In addition, as a former casting director, she is able to give her students insight to what exactly is expected in an audition. Leslee has such a passion for teaching and it is very clear that she loves her job. She genuinely cares about her students and so badly wants them to succeed.”testimonial_kimberlyfriedman
“Leslee is one of those rare finds in this industry who genuinely cares for her students and loves teaching. Many “teachers” and coaches out there are doing it because they’re failing at something else or need the money. Leslee gives it to you straight without an agenda and is always encouraging and supportive. She really gets to the core of any issues there may be that prevent actors from moving on and pushes you to take risks and get out of your comfort zone. I’m always looking forward and can’t wait to get to her classes. The work is challenging and rewarding, and I highly recommend Leslee for her expertise and brilliant eye.”testimonial_soonheenewbold
Leslee is so good at what she does because she takes the time to address each actor on an individual basis. Her class sizes are kept relatively small in order to provide each student with the attention, direction, and feedback most new actors would kill for! She assigns material specific to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, so you’re constantly polishing what you do well, and fixing what’s broken. And Leslee is a MASTER of identifying what’s broken! Even the smallest, most subconscious “tick” won’t make it past her eyes unnoticed! It’s a result of the love and passion she puts in her work. She becomes invested in each one of her students, developing relationships with them as people, so she can better coach them as actors.”testimonial_willbuchanan
“As soon as I started taking Leslee’s class, I began to book work in major television shows and get callback after callback. Now I feel so much more relaxed and confident in the audition room. Not only has she pushed me to become a better actor, she has helped me to feel less mystified by the audition process as a whole.”testimonial_tomconnolly
“It’s so refreshing to be in a class where everyone gets the individual attention we need. Leslee really takes the time to work on each student’s problems, allowing us to discover the inner workings of our characters in order to be fully committed to our choices.”testimonial_tenipanosian


“I can’t even begin to explain how much I have learned from Leslee. After my first session with her I just knew she was the acting coach for me. Not long after I began studying with Leslee I booked the lead role in an independent film and a role in a Judd Apatow comedy. Three years later I am still learning new techniques and feel like I have become such a strong and confident actor, all thanks to Leslee!”testimonial_mandikreisher
“Leslee Dennis is the most gifted acting coach and teacher I have ever worked with. Her class has literally transformed me as an actress and has given me the tools I need to make strong choices and take risks. Studying with Leslee has been the best thing I have ever done for my acting career.”testimonial_jenniferlscott

I’ve gotten so much more out of the past 6 weeks of your class in terms of directing and working with actors than I ever did during my 2 years at NYU (and I certainly paid a lot of money to learn so very little there). Thanks for all your guidance and helping me remind myself of what it is I love to do more than anything else.”

Jaraad Virani