Leslee Dennis

Group Classes

Now including industry guests, directors, and casting directors upon availability.



Current Class Schedule

Fridays from 11am-1pm

New Sessions Start:
  • Friday, January 5th, 2018

Coming Soon:
  • Director’s Lab
  • Acting Master Class



This is an 8 week intensive, on-camera acting class with the emphasis on auditioning. With Lesleeā€™s guidance you will unveil the mystery of auditioning and get the competitive edge you need!

Best of all, it will take the anxiety out of auditioning! With Leslee’s approach, you will feel more confident when going into the room, learning most of all HOW TO MAKE A STRONG IMPRESSION!

You will receive a copy of

Leslee’s Power Tools: An In-Depth Guide to Unveiling the Mystery of Performing and Auditioning

  • A practical guide to breaking down every aspect of the script, giving you a better understanding of the material, and the characters wants and needs.


The first class of every eight week session is dedicated to script analysis implementing these tools.

Additionally, Leslee will help to identify your acting problems and how to solve them by targeting and pinpointing the obstacles that get in your way, such as:

  • Being in your head, instead of being in the moment
  • Not connecting to your character
  • Anticipating instead of listening
  • Holding back
  • Doing too much
  • Not trusting your instincts
  • Not making strong choices
  • Most of all, not understanding the material!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, learn what NOT to do in a casting session!

As a teacher, Leslee views each student with the same high expectations and standards she employed as a casting director. LESLEE DENNIS KNOWS WHAT IT TAKES TO BOOK THE JOB!

To request more information and/or inquire about enrollment you can reach Leslee Dennis at:

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