Leslee Dennis

Acting for Directors

Now including industry guests, directors, and casting directors upon availability.


As a casting director, I often found that while an actor might be talented, if he is not right for a given role, he will be miscast by the director and not able to perform his best work. Understanding how to cast the best actor to fit the role makes the director’s job much easier.

There is a big difference between having good taste in actors and good taste in casting. Adding young directors to my acting class highlights this very concept.


The format of this class is the same as the basic acting class with the difference being that there will be directors acting in class as well, giving them greater insight into the actor’s process.

By being involved in this way, they will learn how to:

  • Communicate in actor friendly terms
  • Find the through line, arc and event of each scene
  • Get the performance of their vision
  • Understand the casting process

They will also be able to direct scenes utilizing their fellow students, by choosing material that is geared toward each actor’s quality. I also encourage them to workshop their own material.

For the actors in the class, the emphasis will still be on improving their acting abilities with the added benefit of getting comfortable taking direction from directors and learning how to be “director proof.”

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