Leslee Dennis

Overview of Leslee’s Philosophy on Teaching

  • Upon enrollment, all of Leslee Dennis’ students will receive a full copy of the Power Tools to Unveiling the Mystery of Performing and Auditioning.

Over the years, I have come to understand that for the actor, auditioning is the most terrifying part of your work. I can sense your doubts and insecurities. I have felt them myself as a director and casting director. The following power tools are meant to help you avoid the “hit or miss” syndrome, running from audition to audition, hoping you will succeed. It is meant to help you learn how to buck up emotionally and creatively.

As a former casting director, I became aware that good actors are often not good at auditioning, and that they need guidance with each step of the auditioning process.

I created my POWER TOOLS, in order to reduce your anxiety level, by providing you with the equipment that will allow you to shine and deliver as exciting an audition as your ability and auditioning circumstances will allow. Once you understand how to calm your nerves and use them in a productive way, you will have the power to overcome any obstacles that could affect your auditions. Hopefully you will be excited rather than terrified by the prospect of auditioning.

One can never predict what will happen in an audition. Circumstances can change. You might be given direction that is opposite to what your choices were. In my classes I teach you how to understand that once you know who the character is and what his intentions are, you will be grounded in the scene and be able to handle whatever adjustments are given to you, and most of all have fun with allowing things to happen “in the moment!”

The key to any good performance is


Breaking down the material gets you familiar and comfortable with the text so you can relax and start to make choices. When you know the character and objectives, your performance will come spontaneously.


Once you’ve done your prep, it’s time to let go. Trust the lines and you will be in the moment, private in public, and able to expose what you would do in private when no one is looking.


Be oblivious to what is going on outside the scene and unaware of being watched. Focus on listening and using all your senses to create the reality of the character.


Open your mind to all possible interpretations of the material. Trust your instincts and stir up your feelings which will reinforce your will power to push past the fear and overcome audition and performance anxiety.